Unlock Quality Electrical Education with City & Guilds Bursary Programme

City & Guilds Foundation offers an extensive bursary programme designed to provide financial support to students who are in a genuine financial need and are looking to pursue electrical courses. At Total Skills, we take pride in offering a variety of City & Guilds accredited courses that qualify for these bursaries, enabling you to access premier education and training in the electrical field. Bursaries can cover the total cost of the training programme up to £6,000. 
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How to Apply for City & Guilds Bursaries for Electrical Courses at Total Skills

  • Check Your Eligibility: Ensure you meet the specific eligibility criteria for City & Guilds bursaries, which include:
  • Aged 18 and over
  • In genuine financial need*, defined as 'When someone is unable to afford a course and has reached out and explored other options
  • A UK resident and intending to study in the UK
  • Have not started the course yet
  • Complete an Expression of Interest Form: Start by completing a short expression of interest form to indicate your eligibility at City & Guilds Foundation website.
  • Submit an Online Application Form: After you've received confirmation of your eligibility, fill out the online application form. 
  • Attend an Interview: If your application is successful, you may be invited to attend an interview to discuss your application further. During the interview, three key aspects will be discuseed: your interest in the course, your future plans, and your financial need.
  • Receive Your Decision: After the interview, City & Guilds will inform you about the decision on whether to offer a bursary and for what amount. If you're not successful, they will provide feedback on why they couldn't offer you a bursary at this time.
  • Start Your Course: Most successful applicants will know if they've been awarded a bursary within two to three months of applications opening. Upon bursary approval, contact Total Skills to complete your enrolment.
Please visit the City & Guilds Foundation website for further detailed information and to start your application. Take advantage of City & Guilds bursaries and start your electrical career with Total Skills.